Paediatric Care

Horizon Health is pleased to offer referral as well as primary care paediatrics. Many services and basic care for infants and children can be handled by your family physicians but when required a qualified specialist is readily available to ensure your loved one receives optimal care.

Preventative Health Examinations

We offer our patients preventative health examinations (“PHEs”) at regular intervals to ensure they receive appropriate screening. This includes age and gender-appropriate cancer screening.

All PHEs include a complete physical examination by your physician, a review of your test results, and if necessary the development of an individualized follow-up plan.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

We at Horizon Health have access to a number of multi-disciplinary team members throughout the St. Albert and Sturgeon PCN including health management nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and behavioural health consultants. After a relevant discussion with your health care provider a meeting with one or more of these team members may be arranged in order to better serve your health needs.

Minor Procedures

A variety of small procedures are available at the clinic in our dedicated procedure suite. These include plantar wart treatments, nail excisions/avulsions, mole removal/biopsy, small lump (lipoma, sebaceous cyst) removal and chemical cautery for epistaxis.

Women’s Health

A variety of women’s health issues can be addressed at the clinic including contraception counselling and maintenance, Pap/STI testing, IUD management and care of menstrual abnormalities. In addition to this, we offer low-risk obstetric care up to 26 weeks.

WCB Injuries

WCB claims are fully covered at the clinic and can be managed by our physician with a special interest and further qualification in Occupational Medicine.

Uninsured Services

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan pays for many of the services you receive from your doctor. However, the government plan does not cover certain “uninsured services”. These services require the time and expertise of your doctor and staff. As a result, you or the third party will be billed a fee to cover these costs. Payment will be expected when you receive the service. To make other payment arrangements, please talk with your doctor or the staff.

A list of these services is available at reception.