When making an appointment with your family doctor or paediatrician, the receptionist will ask you about the nature of your visit to allocate the appropriate time for your appointment. Multiple problems may require more than one appointment; this is individually variable.

Prescribing Policies

Horizon Health Medical Clinic follows evidence-based guidelines for all prescriptions, including antibiotics, narcotics and medications for stress-related conditions.

Missed/Late Appointments

If you need to reschedule your appointment, we require at least 3 hours’ notice.

In the case of a no-show to a scheduled appointment, you may be charged a fee.

If appointments are missed repeatedly without adequate notice or reason you may be discharged from the practice.

We at Horizon Health strive to provide a pleasant and rewarding experience to our patients. We promise to do our utmost to leave you feeling respected and well cared for. In return, we expect our patients to treat our staff with courtesy and respect.  We have a zero tolerance policy towards aggressive behaviour. Patients who are rude, abusive or aggressive will be warned about their behaviour and may be taken off the clinic list.